One of the crucial moments when we are following a diet plan to lose weight without doubt that it is time to face the scale. There can be several things happen: you’ve lost weight, your weight has not changed, or (worse) you’ve gained weight. This is due to fluctuations in your weight.

Many times you feel that caring for the whole week, and this time really did not cheat, but not weight you down. Or it may happen that you had any “infringement” and thinning as well. What drives these changes?

These changes in weight are due to water retention, blood sugar levels, and the amount of food you’ve ingested.

Water retention is caused by taking too little, or eating lots of salt. But takes the amount of water your body needs, your body will draw on their reserves of water. And if you eat much salt, your kidneys will retain water instead of eliminating it. Women normally retain water just before you get your period, so in these days better not weighed.

Sugar, the carbohydrates stored in the liver and muscles. Hence it is that your body takes energy, as when you should not eat or drink when the amount of water you need. This store sugar is needed, you should not stop eating carbohydrates.

The weight of what you eat, it is also important. You must not think only in calories, but also in weight. Although eat fruit and drink a few calories if you get on the scales after eating, this weight going to notice. Control your weight then do the digestion, so you do not seem to increase and it is not. Same for when you take water, pésate after going to the bathroom. A good way to understand it is to imagine that we went up to the balance with that amount of food or water bottles in their hands.

Some tips to know how truly weigh:

Tip: Get the scale only once a week, the same day and at the same time, preferably in the morning, before eating or drinking water.

Tip: Rate your weight loss in general, do not focus on that once you uploaded or weight remained the same.

Tip: A good way to tell if our treatment is having good effects is through clothing, energy and good habits are acquired.

Take it easy, if you’re doing well, you will get good results. Is constant.